Monday, March 13, 2006

Oh, the places I've been...

Thanks to Boyong’s blog for the link to this cool site.

If only I was able to see more of these places. . .These were mainly work-related trips, so the time for sightseeing was severely limited.

My very first overseas trip was to Jakarta, Indonesia--and that was when Suharto was still in power. I think I was all of 20 years old then. Sheesh. I distinctly remember the Indonesian military security guy asking me about Gringo Honasan. This was probably shortly after the 1989 coup.

Since that first jaunt, I've been to around a dozen or so countries. Some countries are the usual suspects in overseas travel: the US, France, Thailand. A few might be considered "exotic" locales: Nepal, Turkey, Jordan. Still others would probably strike the average person as odd places to get your passport stamped: Cameroon, Pakistan.

I feel rather blessed to have had the chance to experience these other countries and cultures. I feel even more blessed to be able to go back home soon after I venture out--that I needn't endure the interminable hardships that millions of OFWs must have to go through in exchange for the chance to go abroad. The longest I've been away from good old Pinas is roughly two months--and those were probably the hardest two months of my life. Mabuhay talaga ang kabayanihan ng OFWs!


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OFW na rin ako. Overseas Filipino Whatever :D


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