Wednesday, January 19, 2005

what's in your IPod?

any pinoy IPod freaks out there? isn't it the coolest thing ever? all the music that speaks to your soul packed into a nifty gadget that fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

so, what's in your ipod?


At 8:57 AM, Blogger krangsquared said...

Ngayon lang ako nagkaron ng ipod, after torturing myself for years every Xmas time.

This was at first an annual event, where I would always seriously consider giving it to myself as a present, but I never would because the biggest ipods back then just didn't seem big or affordable enough.

This then became a monthly thing, where I would go "Bili na kaya ako ng ipod? Hmm... " Then go to apple store, calculate how much it would cost with the employee discount (our company has a deal with Apple), and then if I got it duty-free... isip isip isip pantasya... then I'd remember my credit card bill and "get real" again.

But hey, I finally did it!

Because we were also leaving for the Philippines, I managed to save around A$90 off the normal retail price, with the employee discount plus tax-free price. Bargain! I then spent a bit of time in Manila hunting for just the right condom, er skin for the ipod, just so I wouldn't get any thumbprints or scratches on it. Also got a reasonably priced non-Apple charger.

I mean seriously, how f*ked up is that - the most expensive ipods used to come with both a dock AND a wall charger - items that Apple have now hacked off to sell separately. At a time when Ipod sales are still increasing! Jeez. I'm pretty sure those workers in Shanghai making this stuff aren't the one pocketing the extra dollars saved by leaving out those utilities.

Ideally I'd also have clear helicopter-blade-grade plastic from or to protect it, but didn't have enough time to get it.

Naku... humaba na yung kuwento, and I still didn't answer the question... what's on my ipod? Mahabang kuwento yan. Sa susunod na lang. =)


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